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Sacred Bella

Your Sensual Soul Guide, Golden Goddess, Divine Dakini & Tantric Priestess

Passionate about movement, music, meditation, magic and miracles. I am happiest when I am barefoot in the grass, dancing in the sunshine. I feel most like me when I am connected to the Earth and surrounded by the birds, trees, flowers, butterflies and bees. 


Joy, adventure and wondering into the infinite possibilities of ecstasy are where I like play.

I am a healer, teacher, dancer and tantrika. With over a decade of experience in personal and spiritual growth I use my experience as a Reiki practitioner, Transformational Coach and Kundalini Embodiment Facilitator to help you connect with the essence of life. 


My greatest passion is helping people find balance between personal pleasure, soul satisfaction and energetic alignment.If your soul is craving a deep connection and is ready for unconditional love, then let me support you, let me heal you, let touch you and light you up.

Using sensual healing touch, tantra, reiki & breath work, I will lovingly guide you to complete and ever-expanding bliss. My unique approach helps you activate and awaken to the ecstasy of your soul and the bliss of your body. 


This work is important, this work is sacred. Everyday I am honored to be a vessel for Divinity to come through me. To bless the bodies, hearts and minds of each beautiful being I serve. 

Come play and surrender into the magic of the moment with me. 


"Pleasure is a powerful pathway to open your heart to the love that you are" 

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As a dancer I am connected with each breath, each pulse, each bit of energy. 

As a healer I connect to the places in you that are asking for love. A session with me is more than physical it is an opportunity to fall into the abyss of bliss, love & ecstasy.

What turns me on is the energetic experience, the conscious connection and the opportunity for transformation. Doing this work is my purpose, as I honor you, I ask that you honor me.

If you are only looking for purely a physical experience than I may not be the Practioner you seek,


If you are ready to expand your consciousness, connect more fully to life and experience pleasure in a deeper more soul satisfying way, give yourself the gift of time with me. 


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Tel: 818-452-0851


Thanks for connecting!

"The same thing required to experience orgasm is the same thing that makes life magical...being fully present."

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