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I believe that pleasure is our birthright and that sexual energy is sacred. I feel honored to be the safe space where you  allow yourself to open to ecstasy of your soul. 

At the end of the day it’s not about what you have or what you do, it’s truly about how much love you are willing to let through. When you surrender fully to divinity, and surrender your identity, you get to be free. Free to be pleasure filled, passionate, radiant and blissfully happy.

For me Tantra is about deep divine surrender. It is beyond the physical, yet it also includes it. Being touched and receiving pleasure in our bodies is an incredible gift that we get to experience as human beings. Learning how to engage in touch and being touched from a space of love/divine, gives you ultimate freedom, and empowered choice.

When being physical with another being you have the opportunity to expand into infinite consciousness, infinite love, infinite pleasure. This knowing this awareness changes the very nature of sexual energy. It becomes an opportunity to dance with the divine. Opening up pathways to know who you really are. To see and feel yourself as one with Source. To be in Source energy together with another being, giving and receiving in equal measure, not out of duty or obligation but out of the flow and the energy you both are present with. Letting each other be loved energetically magnifies love everywhere.

When you can move beyond the Ego’s limitations, and definitions of what pleasure is, you open up to an infinite field of energy. Orgasm is no longer just a quick flash of bliss, but an unending, ever expanding, unfolding, river of beauty, expansion and love. There is no end and no beginning. This is oneness. This is Tantric Bliss. 

Each session with me is unique.

I tune into Source energy and allow my body to be a vessel for the energy that will be most healing for you. As a co creator wherever your intention goes, energy flows. When you can surrender so fully to allow orgasmic energy to flow through your body, you awaken the the Universe that has always been within you. This is the possibility I hold for you. This is the Love

I am here to be for you. 


I envision a world where everyone is empowered and balanced in their sexuality. Where everyone feels free to be who they came here to be. Where every being is sovereign and no longer “needs” anything for everyone knows that love is everything. I see a world where women and girls feel safe to be sexy. Where there is gender equality. Where every being grows up loving their body and themselves unconditionally.


Where there is no abuse or misuse and sexuality is regarded as sacred and a communion with the Divine. Where ritual is created and expression is celebrated. Where letting go is normal and control obsolete.


Where love reigns and we all remember and know who we are. That we are not separate, we are not alone and the struggle is not real. Love is the new reality that we all know. Life feels like a dream, a fun, adventure of the unknown. An energetic experience of wonder and awe, and orgasmic flow. All of us dancing and playing and celebrating Sources cosmic glow. 

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