Session Offerings

Screening is required for all new friends, please see details at the bottom of the page

A Few Notes...

Tantric Reiki

1 hour $300

90 mins. $450

2 hours $600

My signature offering, I combine  Tantric practices with energy work for a unique sensual experience. Feel the currents of energy as I float my hands over your body, combined with some light touch, you will feel deeply relaxed and your body will be completely restored. Reiki taps into your body's own resources for physical and emotional health and well being, receiving Reiki is like a massage for the soul.  Learn to get turned on by your own energy. Imagine no longer needing external stimuli to activate pleasure. 

Advanced practitioners may begin to activate and awaken Kundalini energy through reiki and hands free orgasms are a possibility. This session is for you if you desire to expand your sacred sexuality and explore bliss beyond what you currently know it as. This is an energetic journey that opens you up to experiencing orgasmic energy in a whole new way. 

Sensual Soul Massage

1 hour $300

90 mins. $450

2 hours $600

This session combines bliss bodywork with tantric reiki to give you a deeper and more profound experience than your average sensual massage. I combine different healing modalities to help you reach a state of total relaxation and surrender. Using my intuition I tap into what will serve and support you most. I use tantric reiki, combined with healing touch, meditation, breathwork and soul therapy to help you activate and awaken to the bliss of your being. Part energy healing, part massage, full on tantric bliss.


Whether you are new to Tantra or have experienced it before, this sensual and powerful session was created to address all parts of you: physical, spiritual and emotional. Soar to new heights of ecstasy while receiving healing on every level. Leave feeling more centered, present, peaceful and blissed out.  

Bliss Bodywork

1 hour $300

90 mins. $450

2 hours $600

Feel enveloped in love as you experience my deeply healing and transformational touch. Similar to Hawaiian Lomi-Lomi Massage, this sensual and therapeutic session is focused on relaxing and restoring the body. With my intuitive touch, I will massage you in full-body flowing strokes, using my hands and body to glide lovingly over your body. Opening you to bliss and beyond. 

Sacred Soul Coaching

Contact me to set up your Discovery call.

Sometimes we simply need a space to share and talk about what's going on in our life. If you are a conscious, powerful, loving being whose destiny is to be a powerful presence in the world, then I am here to nurture and support you. Whether it is related to your sexuality, your relationship or other areas of your life, I am here to hold love for you and help you shift whatever may be troubling you. From anxiety to addiction, to the desire to explore erotic fantasies, whatever you want support with this therapeutic and healing session is all about you. 

In our time together I will help you to connect to the True You. Helping you move out of your mind and into your soul . When we are fully embodied in our being everything flows with ease. When we show up fully for ourselves in love, we show up fully for our family, friends, partners and pets. 

*Please note this session is coaching and does not include touch therapy, if you are interested in combining coaching with any of my other offerings please let me know. 

xoxo - Bella

To Schedule a Session please call, email or use the booking form below 

Screening is required for all new clients. The fastest way to confirm a session with me is to provide me with your full name, cell phone number and your screening info. 

(my top preference is a screenshot of Linked In or Facebook profile).

I take my safety and your privacy extremely seriously. Keeping your information confidential and private is part of my job. For High Profile clients, I am happy to sign an NDA. 

 Screening Options: 

  1. Screenshot of Current & Active Linked In or Facebook profile (must have at least 100 connections/friends)

  2. Business Website that shows that you work there (photo & bio) or something comparable 

  3. Drivers License/Photo ID

  4. Picture of pay stub and/or email sent from work email address

  5. 2 Provider references (seen within in the last 6 months, providers must have active online presence) 

  6. Instagram/Twitter or other social media profiles that clearly have your photo and name 

If you don’t have an online presence please call me so we can figure out a solution.

The more information you provide, the faster and easier booking will be.

I take time to set up and create a sacred space for you, booking in advance is appreciated. While occasionally I may say yes to a last minute booking, I give priority to clients that are screened and have booked in advance. I also prefer that all new clients have a quick phone conversation with me before we meet, so we can connect and see if we are aligned. 


When contacting me, please include your screening information, the type and length of session you are interested in and the time and day you prefer. Please also let me know when we can connect over the phone. 

Booking Form

To schedule a session please fill out the form

& email or text screening info to: 0r 818-452-0851

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